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Strawberry Cream Bar Margarita Recipe

Strawberry Cream Bar Margarita


Sweet and fruity, tangy and juicy, this cocktail/mocktail strawberry margarita serves up the happiest hour.


  • 2 Alden’s Organic Strawberry Cream Bars
  • ½ lb fresh or frozen whole strawberries
  • 4 oz tequila (optional)
  • 2 ½ limes
  • 1 oz orange liqueur or orange juice concentrate
  • 2 tbsp organic honey
  • margarita salt


  1. Prep your glasses by wiping the rims with a wedge of lime, dip the rims in margarita salt, then set aside.
  2. Blend strawberries, tequila, the juice from 2 limes, orange liqueur, and organic honey until smooth.
  3. Pour into prepared glasses.
  4. Garnish each with an Alden’s Organic Strawberry Cream Bar and a slice of fresh strawberry.
  5. Enjoy!